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Cash for junk cars in Downey

When looking to sell your car to an specialized auto wrecker in Downey, give us a free call!

We buy your old car for cash 323-803-1633

If you are looking to sell your junk car or truck the fastest way possible, then give us a free call. We are the best junk yard offer and bring you free towing service, fast cash and a friendly customer service. Call us for more information if you are looking to sell your junk car or even isolated parts.

Are you looking to get rid of your old junk car? call us with no charges! 323-803-1633

We guarantee the best price for your used car in Downey. You will have the best choice in the junkyard offer business by calling with no charges to our phone. No one beats our offer and you can find us in Downey very easily.

If you are looking for a salvage yard to sell your old car inside Downey and surrounding communities, then call us and we will go fast wherever you are. Our business is operated by expert local residents that will handle all the proper documentation for you. Get the best price for your junk and remove it from your garage or driveway in just a few hours!

Get cash for your junk with the best conditions

You will get a free estimate and it doesn’t matter your car’s condition

Probably you can feel is a complex process to sell your junk. However we guarantee you an optimal date for our junk car removal specialists to look for your old car. We pay you cash for your junk car without difficult transactions and you can call us 24 hours 7 days a week. No unnecessary meetings and no hidden fees.

After a quick phone call you will be able to sell your junk car for top dollar. Avoid all the complications of selling your car privately and get the best offer in only a few hours.

Sell your car in only 3 easy steps

  • Call us 323-803-1633 and tell the junk dealer all the details of your car, if it’s still running, if it can be driven or if it’s been parked for a long time. Also, tell him if there are missing parts or special damages.
  • Tell your price expectations and set a date for us to pick up your junk
  • Receive your cash

Your car will be evaluated by our professionals and you can also can compare the quotes we offer to you with other cash car buyers. You have to tell us the model, the year and the conditions of your car before selling it. After that, set the time, get free towing service and receive your cash. Very simple!

What do I need to sell my old vehicle

When selling to private junk car dealers, you may have some difficulties, like drawbacks, scams or hidden fees. Also you may have troubles with a lot of paperwork and a waste of time. However, we are a licensed junk yard and you can be sure that our representatives know the best option for your junk and will give you cash very fast.

Our workers are experts and they may help you with whatever you have. Even if you want to sell an old junk car with no title, you can get advice from them. We also have some other ways to prove that you own that car legally.

What questions the junk car buyer will ask?

Our purpose is to get the junk car you are selling and give you the best price with no waste of time. That is why on the interview by phone you will have to tell us the year and the model of the vehicle, and also any detail it has for us to evaluate it.

It doesn’t matter if you have isolated parts of the car like doors, windows or engines. We can put a nice price on it. When calling you can negotiate the quote and get a very nice price for it. Get money for your junk, free up the space in your garage and get towing for free, as well as a very friendly customer service.

If your time allows it, we can go and get your car the same day of your phone call. Avoid complicated paperwork and don`t worry about going to an office to look for the money, getting missing checks with hidden fees in your mailbox or similar issues.

Benefits about selling your car

Cash Payouts

Convenient Appointment Times

Easy  Paperwork

No Title Junk? No problem!

Towing for Free

And  you’ll also be helping the environment!

Almost all junk can be reused and recycled, so it is a good choice to avoid your junk for being polluting the environment around!

Get cash for your old junk car or truck in Downey!

Type of cars we buy:

  • Cash for wrecked cars
  • Cash for junk vans
  • Cash for used cars
  • Cash for junk cars
  • Cash for high mileage cars
  • Cash for flooded cars
  • Cash for damaged cars
  • Cash for company trucks
  • Cash for company cars
  • Cash for running cars
  • Cash for repairable cars
  • Cash for non-running cars
  • Cash for junk trucks

Likewise, if you need to sell a 2002 car or before, you also can. We buy any car manufactured between 2000 and 2018 too, so just call and set up a price to negotiate.


Downey is a city that is associated with the Apollo Space Program. Is also the first place in which a McDonald´s restaurant operated (and still does). It has a population of 111,779 persons approximately. Among the notable people born in this city we can see Bob Bennet, and the Carpenters duo, with the beautiful drummer Karen Carpenter.

We accept almost all existing car models on the market

We also know about all the necessary documents you need in Downey to authorize and recognize the junk sale!

Get in touch with us and get fast money for your junk in a few simple steps. Our representatives will provide you a pleasant experience, a convenient offer and hassle free. Whether it’s a company car, a junk truck, isolated parts or a van, contact us and enjoy the benefits we offer.

Free some space in your garage and driveway by calling our phone 323-803-1633 and avoid complications. There are no strings attached, we are the best junk car buyers option near you. After you accept the offer, we will work together to get your junk and provide you the best service.