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Cash for junk cars in East Los Angeles

Junk Car Buyers LA (323) 803-1633

If you are looking to get cash for your junk, then Junk Car Buyers LA as your best option. You can have free space in your garage or driveway, and also get fast cash with just a simple call.

Get an instant offer after answering a few questions about your car. We reach all of the East Los Angeles area and can offer you the best junkyard offer.

Where can I get top dollar for my old car?

Here at Junk Car Buyers LA, we have a privileged location in East Los Angeles, and can offer you the best price for your car with our junk car calculator.

Give us a quick call and answer some simple questions, such as what is the condition of the vehicle and the mileage. Our workers are very passionate about their work and can offer to you a lot of information about selling your junk for cash.

It doesn’t matter where you are in East Los Angeles, we can go there, even at the surrounding areas. Just call free of charges and enjoy the benefits of having a nice customer service and free tow truck.

You can call us anytime, because we have a 24 hour service. Our workers are very passionate about their jobs and are always looking for a win-win business.

How can I get rid of a junk car or truck in East Los Angeles?

We offer more cash than other junk car buyers in all of California! You can get the best price for selling your junk car in East Los Angeles.

With our Cash for Cars service, there is nothing to worry about it, and you can know the real value of your wrecked car with just a few simple steps.

So, follow these easy steps to get rid of your junk car or truck:

  1. Call us (323) 803-1633 or fill out our online form, and tell the junk buyer all the details of your car, if it’s still running, if it can be driven or if it’s been parked for a long time. Also, tell him if there are missing parts or special damages.
  2. We’ll give you a free-quote and if you accept it, you will schedule a date for us to pick up your junk car.
  3. Get cash on the spot for your car.

When you call us by phone, you have to tell us more about your junk car.

It doesn’t matter if is not a popular model, we are interested. If it has a high mileage or any other problem, just tell us and negotiate the price quickly.

After a few minutes talking by phone with no charges, you can get the best option for selling your junk car.

What documents are required to sell my used car?

We are open the 24 hours of the day so you can contact us anytime. We buy used and salvage vehicles all over East Los Angeles and we ask for a few documents.


– Your driver license.
– Proof of insurance.
– The title of your car. (If you have it)
– Registration of the car.

What information is important when selling my old car?

When selling your old car, there are some important information you should provide to buyers, such as:

  • The year, make and model.
  • The mileage.
  • Interior and exterior condition.
  • Location.
  • Missing parts.
  • Working parts.

Get all the advantages of selling your junk car with experts and avoid hassles, scams and complex paperwork. Get the best price for your wrecked car and stop using outdated methods that don’t work.

Our representatives can offer you the best price for your used car.

What are the advantages of selling my car to a junk car buyer?

  • Cash on the spot.
  • Same-day pickup.
  • Little documentation is required.
  • You can sell a car without its title.
  • Free towing.
  • Help the Environment

You will enjoy all of this benefits, and also will be helping the environment. Almost any junk can be recycled and reused, so get cash and help the planet at the same time.

Get cash for your old flooded car in East Los Angeles!

Type of cars we buy:

  • Cash for wrecked cars
  • Cash for junk vans
  • Cash for used cars
  • Cash for junk cars
  • Cash for high mileage cars
  • Cash for flooded cars
  • Cash for damaged cars
  • Cash for company trucks
  • Cash for company cars
  • Cash for running cars
  • Cash for repairable cars
  • Cash for non-running cars
  • Cash for junk trucks

We purchase any car between 2002 and 2018 so, just call us and tell us the model, if it still run, if you have isolated doors, engines or parts and we will negotiate an excellent price for you.

East Los Angeles

East Los Angeles is a very nice city that has a population of 126,496 persons approximately. Has a very nice church called Our Lady of Solitude, also known as Soledad Church and was constructed in a Spanish Colonial style. The city also has the Golden Gate Theater movie palace and the Veterans memorial obelisk. Among the notable people it has Oscar De la Hoya, the world boxing champion.

Just tell us the model of your car for us to buy!

Sell your junk car after three simple steps with no risks!

We reach all of East Los Angeles, so don’t hesitate to call us and accept our offer. We will schedule a pickup time that is convenient for you, and we will pay cash for your vehicle.

Our junk car removal services are also available in:

So, if you are ready to get cash for your junk car, junk truck, wrecked van or flooded car, call us (323) 803-1633 for a free-quote.