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Things to do before taking your car to the junkyard

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Believe it or not, sometimes the price of scrap is higher tan the actual car so it’s a good business to get rid of an old car by selling it to a Junkyard and the best part is that they will pay you in cash. 

What should you do before selling your junk car?

Selling your old car to a JunkYard can be one of the best options you have if your car is in a deplorable condition but there are things to keep in mind when  selling to auto wreckers.

  • Take care about the documentation

Most JunkYards will request you to show an ID with your photo, such as your personal ID, driver’s license or a similar document, as well as the registration and title of the vehicle.

Before going to the junk yard, make sure you have prepared all those documents that will allow you to transfer ownership of your car to the junkyard because without this, you probably won’t be able to do business with them

The company must be verify that you are the owner of the vehicle or that you bought the car in a legally way so if you don’t have those document, they won’t give you an offer or they will offer you less money than your car worth.

In the case that for some reason you have lost or can not find the title of property of your vehicle, don’t be panic, because even when most junkyard require these documents, it’s not always like that

Some Junkyards are in states that allow people to bring their old cars that do not have titles or registration documents, like Junk car buyers which are in California and can buy your car with no title.

On the other hand, you can go to the DMV of your state and ask for a copy of your title, in many states, the process does not require much time or effort and you will solve the problema easily.

  • Clean the inside of your car for personal items

Before you take your car to a JunkYard or the staff will pick it up at your house, you should clean the inside of the vehicle and remove all personal objets that are in there.

Remember that everything that remains in the car at the time of sale, can be taken as trash for the company and they can get rid of these objects or make use of them.

So it is important to make sure that nothing remains inside the vehicle before selling it and if something is left there, make sure it is not an object of value that later makes you regret its loss.

Likewise, you should make sure that there are no things left that contain personal information such as your name and address, because for safety reasons it is better to remove this kind of objects.

Even if your vehicle is junk and you will take it to a junkyard, you should consider that cleaning inside the car and removing any object that is not an original part of it.

  • Make sure the ownership transfer is done

When the company picks up the car or you go with it there, they will request the title of property of the car, not only to verify that you are the owner but also to make the transfer of ownership of the car.

This is important and therefore you should keep in mind that if the company does not ask for this document, you must insist that they must receive it and do the owner transfer process.

Also, in the days after the sale, you must go to the traffic department of Los Angeles (DMV) and confirm that the transfer was made, because if this is not the case, you will still be the legal person responsable for the vehicle.

The problem with this, is that even if the car is a junk, if for some reason the car is involved in an event with legal consequences, you will still be responsible for it ‘cause you have the property title.

  • Be sure the Junkyard of your choice is working legally

Junk yard without licenses are generally disapproved. In some states, it is a crime to run a junkyard without the necessary documentation so before agreeing to deal with a junkyard, make sure they have an active license.

Do not let the temptation of a good offer cloud your judgment, there may be serious consequences in the future if you make transactions with junk yards that do not have the license of the corresponding agencies.

You could end up accused of illegal transfer of a vehicle and that infraction carries serious fines and the possibility of a prison sentence so be careful and make sure that everything is right.

Remember this tips before selling your junk car

If your car is filling up with dust or even accumulating fines because it is a problem for the neighborhood where you live, it is time to sell that scrap and the best way to do it is with a junkyard.

Within the city of Los Angeles there are many businesses of this kind so it is important to request estimates in several places and evaluate the services offered by each one before deciding for a company.

After deciding with which company to sell your junk car, you must do all the things mentioned above, since they are all important in order to carry out a safe transaction without problems.

You should not take anything for granted because although some of the things mentioned in the list may seem silly or not necessary, remember that they can avoid to you a headache in the future.

Finally, if you do not know which company to decide or where to start, the recommendation is that you choose Junk Car Buyers LA as they are among the best in the city so do not hesitate to contact them (323) 803-1633